Members of the Quarter – Peter and Mary Iannicelli

Mary, in her late 60s, and Peter, 70, have been together since the first year of high school– 55 years and counting! Both Peter and Mary have always been active. Mary kept busy with walking, gardening and carrying the kids around. Peter worked out for most of his life, but had lapsed for several years […]

Member of the Quarter- Scott Vicary

  Scott, 55, has been a member of Rock Creek Sports Club since 2014.  If you were to ask him, he is a private business owner, an international man of leisure, and a not-so-undercover Russian spy.  In 2017, Scott began to do training sessions twice a week with Avi in the wake of health issues [...]

Member of the Quarter- Valaida Wise

Valaida Wise, 61, saw a picture from her son’s wedding and didn’t recognize herself. Shocked and saddened from the picture, and worried that her doctor felt her health was in danger, Valaida had the push she needed to begin her weight loss journey. Prior to joining RCSC, Valaida had tried other gyms but never followed [...]

Member of the Quarter- Elisabeth Boas

Elisabeth, 68, has been a member since August, 2016. She currently trains with Caity and does Pilates with Madie. Interesting, kind, funny and well read, wearing spectacular vivid-colored hand-knit socks, and possessing all things red-- car, clothing, shoes, purse, wallet--Madie notes, ‘to know Elisabeth is to imagine her curled up on a plush sofa reading [...]

Member of the Quarter- Phil Tofilon

Phil Tofilon, a 62 year-old cancer research scientist at NIH, attends RCSC with his wife, Corie. Active in his youth, and an avid runner until 2013, Phil joined RCSC when lower back pain caused him to look for low-impact aerobic exercise and core strengthening. Despite the changes in his exercise regime and ongoing physical therapy, [...]

Member of the Quarter-Steve Ehrmann

Steve Ehrmann, 68, has always done push-ups and sit ups as a way to stay fit. In his 20’s and 30’s he enjoyed running. When that eventually caused permanent tendonitis and, later, bone spurs in both feet, he switched to bicycling. He started outdoors and moved to indoor cycling in the last ten years. It [...]

Member of the Quarter- Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb used to be the type to work out only through occasional outdoor activities like kayaking or swimming; the types of things you can do on vacation.  But in January 2015 she joined Rock Creek Sports Club with the goal of losing 100 pounds by December 2016. By the end of 2015, Natalie had lost 52 pounds! Or, as she [...]

Member of the Quarter – Kourtney Thomas

In 2015, after being a Rock Creek Sports Club Member for three years, Kourtney Thomas made some changes — she got a trainer, she got a new routine, and she lost a “whopping 95 pounds!”  Now, today we’re celebrating all of Kourtney’s hard work by naming her our Rock Creek Sports Club Member of the [...]

Member of the Quarter: Vernon Drew

In 2009, after turning 60 years old, Vernon Drew went to his doctor for a physical, and was surprised to hear that at 200 pounds, it was time to lose weight. “I got mad and decided to get even,” Vernon said, and he joined Rock Creek Sports Club, mostly because it was close to his [...]

Member of the Quarter: Joff Pincher

When it comes to making positive changes in your life, it really helps to have a good attitude, and anyone here at Rock Creek Sports Club will tell you that Joff Pincher has one of the best.  With his upbeat personality — along with his hard work and outstanding progress— Joff was an easy choice [...]

Member of the Quarter: Maureen Zaniel

When asked why she works out, Maureen Zaniel, had a multiple reasons to share. Reasons that brought her to the gym, a reason she decided to kick up the intensity, and a reason she’ll continue to keep coming back. No matter what her goal is, one thing we at Rock Creek Sports Club know for [...]

Members of the Quarter: Jeffrey and Maude

Husband and wife members - Jeffrey Madison and Maude Windsor have loved working out at Rock Creek Sports Club for the past dozen years or so.  So much in fact, that Jeffrey was willing to go the extra mile to make sure it remained a  community gym. That's just one of many reasons we have [...]

Member of the Quarter: Anjli

Low energy levels coupled with concerns about being weak and underweight prompted Anjli’s husband to convince her to join Rock Creek Sports Club about two years ago. This was only the beginning. Anjli says she figured if she was going to pay for a gym membership she should try to get the most out of [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Steven Wright

At Rock Creek Sports Club, we believe that a positive attitude, courage and determination are major components when it comes to making big changes — and we have found that member Steven Wright is a role model for all three! So we are very happy to announce that he is our new Member of the [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Valerie Ross

Valerie Ross is a perfect example of the fact that, with time, patience, and enough hard work, you can go from 10+ years of inactivity to winning a planking contest against a naval officer and hiking Machu Picchu! That's why she is our newest Rock Creek Sports Club Member of the Quarter. Growing up, Valerie [...]

Members Of The Quarter: Sam & Melissa

When some of your favorite activities include rock climbing, scuba diving, and road racing motorcycles, you definitely have to stay fit! Which is why you’ll see one of our favorite couples — and our newest Members of the Quarter — Sam Fleming and Melissa Berkoff in the gym training several times a week getting ready [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Fred Wilkerson

Six days a week, almost without falter. That's how often you'll find Fred Wilkerson working out, which is why we're proud to announce that he's Rock Creek Sports Club Member of the Quarter! Fred says he hears the excuse "I don't have enough time to workout," all the time, and he just shakes his head. [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Kim Robinson

Kim Robinson has been a member, on an off, for almost 11 years. And though she admits there were a few times she took a break from going to the gym, she said something always brought her back to Rock Creek Sports Club. Kim’s most recent return to the club was a couple of years [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Tony Hammond

In 2001, Tony Hammond realized he felt out of breath when he finished walking up a set of stairs, and that’s when he decided it was time to make a change. He soon found himself signing up at Rock Creek Sports Club. Now, 11 years later, we’re proud to announce Tony as the Rock Creek [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Bobbi Dittrich

Rock Creek Sports Club is proud to announce its newest Member of the Quarter, Bobbi Dittrich, a fitness enthusiast who dedicates herself to helping others. Bobbi is no stranger to being active. She grew up playing baseball, softball, basketball, and tennis. Then later she joined the military where she said, “physical fitness was a natural [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Barry Trebach

Rock Creek Sports Club is proud to announce Barry Trebach as the Member of the First Quarter of 2012. The management team selected Barry due to his standing as one of the charter members of Rock Creek Sports Club and for his dedication to working out. In fact, his work out pattern mirrors a record [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Jaylene Sarracino

Rock Creek Sports Club is proud to announce Jaylene Sarracino as the 4th Quarter Member of the Quarter. The management team selected Jaylene because her fitness goals have required hard work yet she has approached the task with a constant smile and good humor. Jaylene was athletic and active for many years. During her school [...]

Members Of The Quarter: Tracy Mulligan & Tracy Mulligan, Jr.

The RCSC management team is pleased to announce our third quarter Members of the Quarter are the father/son duo Tracy Jr. and Tracy Mulligan. The younger Tracy joined Rock Creek Sports Club in 2008 and encouraged his dad to join in February of 2010. At almost 94 years of age, Dad is a true inspiration, [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Debbie Mans

Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to honor Debbie Mans as our member of the quarter for the first quarter of 2011. Our management team selected Debbie because of her infectious good spirit and positive attitude as she incorporates RCSC into the fabric of her life. Debbie became a member of the club before it [...]

Members Of The Quarter: The Minnick Family

Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to honor the Minnick family as our Members of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2010. Our management team selected the Minnicks because they embody the spirit of a family staying fit together. Susan joined the club in December 2003 along with her daughter Morgan. John followed in [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Marsha Raskin

Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to honor Marsha Raskin as our Member of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2010. Our management team selected Marsha because of her commitment to improving her health, her participation in all the club has to offer, and the friends and neighbors she has referred over the years. [...]

Member Of The Quarter: Lee Goldstein

Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to announce Lee Goldstein as the Member of the Quarter for second quarter of 2010. Lee was selected by the management team for his sincere loyalty to the club, its members and its staff, and for his incredible accomplishment of achieving his fitness goals. Lee had been a member [...]