Stretch Exercises for All Muscle Groups

Watch a stretch exercise video with Rock Creek Sports Club trainer Marian. This set of stretch exercises are great for agility & stretching all muscle groups.

Kettlebell Snatches & Pushup Exercises

View kettlebell snatches & pushup exercises by Rock Creek Sports Club trainers. Learn how to do power lifts, pushups on medicine balls, Bosu & more.

TRX Excercises Taught by Jean Simons

View our TRX exercises & sandbell exercises training video. We teach TRX & Sandbell exercises in our Rock Creek Sports club small group training classes.

Meet Steve Basdavanos

Take a personal training session with Steve Basdavanos of Rock Creek Sports Club. Steve is one of the best personal trainers in the Silver Spring, Maryland area.

Core Exercise & Ab Exercise Video

Watch core exercise & ab exercise videos from Rock Creek Sports Club trainers. Learn how to use stability balls, medicine balls, rings and the TRX system.

UGI Ball Group Training Video

View our UGI ball exercise personal training video. UGI Exercises is just one of the small group personal training classes offered by Rock Creek Sports Club.

Squat Exercises & Deadlift Exercises

Watch our squat exercise video & deadlift exercise video from Rock Creek Sports Club trainers. Learn how to do a barbell squat, front squat, deadlift & more.

Plyometric & Agility Exercise Video

View the plyometric & agility exercise video by Rock Creek Sports Club. Learn plyometric exercises & agilities drills using plyi benches & agility ladders.