Member Of The Quarter: Kim Robinson

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Kim Robinson has been a member, on an off, for almost 11 years. And though she admits there were a few times she took a break from going to the gym, she said something always brought her back to Rock Creek Sports Club.

Kim’s most recent return to the club was a couple of years ago, when she started to experience some aches and pains, was under a lot of stress, and generally just felt like she wasn’t healthy anymore. That’s when she made the decision she wanted to set an example for her family.

Since that day, Kim has brought her energy and enthusiasm for her personal fitness with her every time she has walked through the doors of Rock Creek Sports Club, which is why we’re proud to announce that she’s our next Member of the Quarter!

To say Kim uses Rock Creek Sports Club’s facilities to their fullest would be an understatement. On one day you’ll find her stretching out in yoga, another day pushing her limits in Bootcamp, the next day working out in small group personal training with Marian Lally, Jean Simons, Angela Sims, Rob Giles or Jeshua Reza, and then restoring her muscles with a massage. Plus, she’s excited to try out the new Pilates reformer next!

Kim says she also has to thank Marian for her encouragement, whom she says has really helped her become so enthusiastic about the gym and working out.

“She brought me to the level where I could cut the lock off my locker with the bolt cutters – by myself – twice (forgot the combo!),” she exclaims.

Through all her training, Kim says she’s been able pinpoint the causes of all those aches and pains, and she’s been working hard to strengthen her muscles, and improve her body movement.

“It’s really a well-rounded gym because there are so many ways to get in shape,” Kim explains. “It’s a community, it’s comfortable, and it’s a friendly place. I don’t think I’d ever want to go a commercial gym.”

This is also a message she says she passes along to her friends every chance she gets.

“Everybody, from the management to the staff, seems to know the name of everyone who walks through the door,” she says. “It’s not overwhelming and you know you can ask questions. The trainers at Rock Creek are so approachable, even if you haven’t worked with them, they love their job and they want to help.”

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