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Elisabeth, 68, has been a member since August, 2016. She currently trains with Caity and does Pilates with Madie. Interesting, kind, funny and well read, wearing spectacular vivid-colored hand-knit socks, and possessing all things red– car, clothing, shoes, purse, wallet–Madie notes, ‘to know Elisabeth is to imagine her curled up on a plush sofa reading a great book, taking a week-long University summer course, or touring art galleries.” But working out, was never really for her. She simply was not accustomed to exercising.

Before joining RCSC, she depended on activities of everyday life for her physical ‘workouts’.

“I tried persuading myself that hauling groceries, traveling up/down the stairs, walking to and from the car would suffice as exercise,” says Elisabeth.

“Her good eating habits, small frame, and light weight reinforced her belief she did not need to exercise her body as long as she exercised her mind,” Madie says.

Her journey with Caity and Madie started immediately after joining the club. Elisabeth responded to an ad that offered a facility tour and multi-day pass to RCSC. When she called, it was Caity who answered the phone. On that same day, she signed up for a series of private Pilates sessions with Madie and scheduled her complimentary personal training session with Caity.  

Her current workout routine involves Pilates and “whatever Caity suggests.” Elisabeth’s goals consist of progressing toward physical mastery and converting into someone who loves to go to the gym. Caity says her balance, flexibility, and endurance have improved a great bit.

“One of my favorite things about working with Elisabeth is when her eyes light up when she sees someone do an exercise that she thinks is impossible and then she does it” Caity said.

Madie has also seen her transform.

“This is the best gift any student can give to a teacher,” Madie says of Elisabeth’s hard work and progress.

“I am the least likely person to be going to a gym, let along gushing about one,” Elisabeth says. “If RCSS can move me along in fitness, it can very likely be right for you…”

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