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Scott, 55, has been a member of Rock Creek Sports Club since 2014.  If you were to ask him, he is a private business owner, an international man of leisure, and a not-so-undercover Russian spy. 

In 2017, Scott began to do training sessions twice a week with Avi in the wake of health issues that had caused him to gain 30 pounds.  The goal was not so much to lose the weight but to strengthen the entire muscular structure to carry the weight better and reduce joint strain.  By undertaking a total body workout, Avi pushed Scott to improve strength and stamina in ways that his normal workouts simply did not touch.

The results were very encouraging.  After six months, not only had Scott lost weight and gained tone, but he achieved levels of stamina and strength that he had not had in 15 years.  The improvements were so encouraging that Scott was able to book a ski trip to Colorado to ski areas with an expert guide that he had not previously been able to ski.  Said Scott: “I skied the back bowls above the tree line over and over again. This was terrain that I couldn’t even ski at 17.  True, I also learned how to ski 100 yards straight down a cliff on my face, but my neck and shoulder muscles were in tremendous shape to do that.”

Scott has now lost nearly 20 pounds and regularly plays tennis, gardens, and trains for the zombie apocalypse.  Avi added “you really need core strength to ski moguls or repel a zombie horde”.  Of all the academic and career successes that Scott has enjoyed, he considers becoming member of the quarter to be the greatest honor of his life.

Scott lives with his wife and two teenage children in Silver Spring, and the whole clan is part of an RCSC family membership.


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