Members Of The Quarter: Tracy Mulligan & Tracy Mulligan, Jr.

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The RCSC management team is pleased to announce our third quarter Members of the Quarter are the father/son duo Tracy Jr. and Tracy Mulligan. The younger Tracy joined Rock Creek Sports Club in 2008 and encouraged his dad to join in February of 2010. At almost 94 years of age, Dad is a true inspiration, coming to the gym once or twice a week while the younger Tracy works.

Dad Tracy is new to the gym world, over 74 years after he was a first team All-American on the rifle team at George Washington University. He was drafted in 1942 and is a World War II, Korea, and Vietnam veteran. After retiring from 28 years of service as an Army officer Tracy then practiced law for 40 years, and exercise was not a part of daily life. At 92, he semi-retired from law to pursue other interests. His son encouraged him to join RCSC and work with personal trainer Marian Lally to improve endurance and balance and be able to stand full upright again. In recent weeks, Tracy was able to walk on the sand at Bethany Beach with his great-grandchildren and take his boyhood friend’s granddaughter skeet shooting for the day.

Son Tracy has always sought exercise. In high school he competed in four sports, and then wrestled on a Division I college team. After college Tracy pursued competitive weight lifting until his first child was born, and is now competing in sprint triathlons. In recent years he has studied the foundations of movement such as Feldenkrais in acting classes and by imitating his young grandchildren. Tracy has always been a member of a gym, believing that a gym is a place to obtain a foundation of strength and endurance. He sees RCSC as a unique gym with a great sense of community among individuals with diverse ages, genders, shapes and backgrounds who use many approaches to movement and exercise.

This father and son pair sets a positive example for many families. Exercise in the Mulligan family crosses many generations: Dad Tracy ’s own father was a boxing instructor in the 1900’s, and one grandson ran the Boston Marathon while another has competed in Special Olympics. The Mulligan’s have found with regular exercise life can be more thoroughly enjoyed. As son Tracy so eloquently states, “There is a richness in movement that exercise gives you the ability to explore – leading to a greater richness in life”. Many RCSC members have expressed admiration for the Mulligan’s commitment to exercise and we are honored to have them a part of our community.

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