Members of the Quarter – Peter and Mary Iannicelli

 In Member of the Quarter

Mary, in her late 60s, and Peter, 70, have been together since the first year of high school– 55 years and counting! Both Peter and Mary have always been active. Mary kept busy with walking, gardening and carrying the kids around. Peter worked out for most of his life, but had lapsed for several years since retirement. Once Mary retired, the couple agreed it was time to get back to the gym– a life changing decision they made together. About 7-8 years ago, “Peter gave me a Valentine’s Day present for my heart from his,” Mary says. Along with a lovely box of chocolates, she received a gym membership of her choice.

“It was my gift to Mary, and to myself,” Peter says. “My goals were simple – to keep us both in the best shape we could achieve as we grew older together.”

Shopping around for different clubs, they landed on RCSC. “The welcoming atmosphere, neighborhood feel, cleanliness and classes won me over,” Mary says. Ten sessions with a personal trainer “…helped me get over nervousness about being in the gym and [working out] with some old injury issues” Mary says.

Now Mary’s typical workout schedule includes a wide variety of classes; aerobics, strength training, step, yoga, balance, stretching. Peter enjoys working out on his own, using weight resistance machines and treadmills about 3X a week, along with stretching and balancing exercises.

Support from each other and the RCSC community has kept the couple moving during rough patches.

“Having a group of friends who I’ve met through the gym and who keep showing up prompts me to join them,” Mary says. “I especially appreciate the trainers who teach the classes because they are experienced and knowledgeable. I trust them to help me grow stronger in safe ways.”  

“Mary is my primary motivator and inspiration in this regard,” Peter says. “Trying to keep up with Mary and her encouragement to get back to the gym, are my main motivations after any setback”

The couple notes they are thankful they have not had too many setbacks, only minor injuries that require a couple of days off.

“I find that as I get older I have to be much more careful to let myself recover from any injury fully before returning to my normal workout.” Peter continues.

Since joining the gym, the couple says they feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. Peter adds that even though losing weight was never a main goal, he has lost about 15 pounds since joining RCSC!

“What I love about Rock Creek [Sports Club] would take forever to describe,” Peter says. The couple enjoys the variety in classes, maintenance of the facility and above all, the staff, across the board.

“Everyone is so friendly and encouraging,” Peter continues “I was addressed by name from the first time I visited the gym.”