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The energy and support at Rock Creek Sports Club are contagious. One day you’re a beginner, next day you’re helping a beginner. We’ve grown a culture of diverse people who believe in quality workouts, healthy lifestyles and in uplifting each other!

A friendly, personalized, independently-owned gym located in Maryland on the border of Silver Spring and Chevy Chase, we’re dedicated to creating a fun and refreshing environment for you to get in shape – regardless of your fitness level.


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Rock Creek Sports Club offers a variety of group fitness classes designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Our classes range from a very high intensity cardiovascular workout to a lower intensity stretch and alignment workout. And with several options in between, we are sure to have an exercise class that fits both your schedule and workout needs.

private training

RCSC’s nationally certified and experienced staff of personal trainers inspire their clients to reach their fitness and weight loss goals with the breadth of their knowledge and the variety of their skills. Your workout will be as fast paced as you can handle or as deliberate as is necessary. Our trainers create workouts designed specifically to your fitness level or sport-specific training and then modify them as you evolve to keep you safe, fit, and goal oriented.


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8325 GRUBB ROAD, SILVER SPRING, MD 20910 | 301.587.4447

Mondays – Fridays 5:00am – 9:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays 8:00am – 7:00pm

What Our Members Say!

  • I enjoy Rock Creek Sports Club. It’s my neighborhood gym and there really is a sense of community here. I like that Rock Creek offers a variety of classes and schedules–from Zumba to spinning and personal group training. Plus, the staff and instructors are friendly and knowledgeable.

    Hilary Jones
  • Not only has the Club changed my waistline but it has also changed my life.  Most notably, I can cross my legs again! I never in a million years thought that I would have the confidence to put on a pair of spandex pants, climb up on a bike, and sweat along side of 20 other people. I love that the Club is walking distance from my home but in the event that I do drive, there is ample parking. I love the staff, the instructors, and the class offerings. I love that I’ve made lifelong friends there and made lifestyle changes that have improved my life beyond measure. I love the Club’s diversity and I love the facilities. Simply put, I love RCSC.

    Kathy S.
  • I Love this gym! The size is perfect. I always find the piece of equipment available when I want it and the equipment is always clean! The classes are fantastic, from yoga to zumba and spinning the energy levels are perfect. I am not an exercise fanatic and unlike other gyms I feel completely comfortable at Rock Creek Sports Club.

    Michelle P.
  • Greatest Gym in the City! Fun staff, great management, nice people.

    Carol Paige
  • Since June, I have been taking weekly one-on-one Pilates sessions with Madie Ferere and cannot imagine my life without them. Madie's Pilates knowledge is amazing and she pushes me hard - but in a good way. I am always stronger, taller, and even a little bit smarter when I leave! Her diverse background is not only interesting but informative to her exercise approach. She is warm, gracious, exacting, and always helpful. Madie is an integral part of my commitment to improve my fitness. Just wanted to share how happy I am with this opportunity at RCSC.

    Jane A.
  • For anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellness in any way, I highly recommend coach Abbi Lichtenstein. We did seven sessions together. By asking incisive questions and picking up on where my strengths and challenges lay, Abbi really empowered me to develop a strategy, follow through on the finer points, and stay positive throughout.  

    Erica B.
  • Abbi is a delight to work with. She immediately put me at ease with her comforting demeanor. Our sessions were very helpful in getting me through some stressful periods. Without my really being aware, she equipped me with the necessary tools to address my anxiety and calm my nerves.  

  • Coaching with Abbi is highly recommended. I had recently encountered a number of life's speed bumps. Unable to focus to resolve some of these issues, I tried coaching with Abbi.  I was able to get "unstuck," and was guided through self examination and analysis to look at the root of the problems. Gradually, I was empowered to resolve these issues through taking small steps with regard to behavior changes and setting modest goals. There is no magic to the process. It takes work on the part of the client but I believe that critical to the process is focused guidance to resolve these issues with self prescribed solutions.  

    Joyce P.
  • Abbi personalizes her wellness coaching to whatever your needs or issues are, no cookie cutter solutions, astute, kind, and presents creative solutions.

    Carol-Lena A.
  • If you are at a point in your life where you’re ready for some change but don’t know where to start, or if you feel stuck basically knowing what to do but can’t seem to get yourself to actually do it, I highly recommend you consider coaching with Abbi. Abbi has a great ability to help you help yourself. Her skill in listening and reflecting is remarkable and will empower you to arrive at a clarity you didn’t feel before. Abbi will make you discover and tap into motivational forces you didn’t know had. It’s like therapy, but better: you’ll be accountable and will end up feeling proud of yourself.

    C. Bannier
  • I worked with Jean and she was the best thing that ever happened to fitness. She is knowledgeable on the newest equipment available to trainers and gym goers. She suggested and lent me books that helped me understand and address my poor eating habits. Jean created a fitness routine that I felt comfortable with yet one that was challenging. I have had trainers in the past but never one that addressed all the different aspects of being healthy – eating better, getting stronger, surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and trying new equipment and exercises to achieve better results.

    Ayana Rockett
  • I recently worked with Jean and found her manner calm, focused and confident. She listened well and focused our sessions according to my concerns. Her attitude made me feel comfortable and stimulated to practice the new exercises she taught me. I will recommend her to other members of RCSC. Jean Simons is an asset to RCSC.

    Julianna J.
  • I thought the training sessions I had with Jean were very successful, beyond my expectations. She gave me two workouts that fit my specifications exactly and produced excellent results. I needed short, high-intensity exercises that I could do in 30 minutes that would increase my strength, targeting core and upper-body and that is just what I got. Her support and guidance during my sessions was well calibrated: encouraging and not letting me slack off. I liked that she was able to modify exercises to adapt to where I needed to be challenged more or less. Being accessible via email and always on time was also a big plus. I’m looking forward to signing up for some more sessions soon!

    Alex Kincannon
  • I love RCSC! The staff is friendly and know me by name. This gym seems to attract friendly people that respect “gym etiquette.” The best part about RCSC is its cleanliness.

    Joe Kapuscinski
  • I love this gym. It is clean, never crowded, the people who work there are always pleasant, and the classes are excellent. I love the fact that there are signs in the locker room discouraging you from using strong scents as some members are allergic. This is very considerate and, really, who wants to smell someone’s strawberry perfume or whatever? Best of all is the sauna.  

    Sharon O.
  • This note is to commend the desk greeter, Charles. His cheerful, friendly, helpful manner is wonderful!  You probably know this already but he is an asset to RCSC.

    Julianna J.
  • Rock Creek Sports Club is fantastic. The staff are always friendly and helpful. The machines and weights are plentiful, clean and well kept. Most of the classes are free, and the instructors are great. Even with all these great amenities, the gym manages to keep monthly fees very reasonable. I would highly recommend the Rock Creek Sports Club.

    Trevor Keck
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at RCSC. The staff, trainers and fellow gym members have been incredibly friendly and helpful and I will miss the club when I return to Australia. I would also like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my PT Tina Warnick. Tina is a dedicated, experienced and supportive trainer and I am fortunate to have improved my fitness under her guidance. She also inspired and motivated me in my running activities outside the gym and I am leaving the US in a much healthier physical shape than wen I arrived thanks to Tina. While all the trainers have been friendly, Steve, Zac and Devin have been particularly welcoming during my gym sessions.

    Merryl K.
  • Although I worked with weights in the classes I took at the gym, I was never sure that my form was correct and that I was lifting the right amount of weight to make a difference. In Marian’s Weight Training class, not only did I learn form and technique but I gained the confidence to work with weights on my own. Marian’s classes were small so there was a lot of individual attention. I finished the class stronger and more toned than I have ever been.

    Rochelle H.
  • Thank you for taking care of my back - knowing that I needed to stop curling and start hinging only.  Thank you for your spine-bone-building workout.  Thank you for your care in every workout.

  • "During 2018, I felt that my attempts at self-improvement had stalled in several areas where I was very aware I could - and should - do better. These included altering my sleep habits so they fitted better with the norm, finally losing those extra pounds that stubbornly and very visibly have clung to my middle for too long, and dealing with some clutter in my home. The motivation to do so was almost entirely from within. I was aware that these areas of dissatisfaction with myself had not arisen overnight, and would not be resolved overnight, but I was getting impatient with myself! When RCSC featured the services of Life Coach Abbi Lichtenstein in the studio, it caught my attention. I decided it would be good to have some professional help in changing my habits in the direction I wanted them to move, and signed up for a complimentary first consultation, and then for a series of meetings till I felt that I was working on my issues in an effective way. I found Abbi very easy to speak to. She helped me see more clearly than I had before that I actually had a great degree of satisfaction with most important aspects of my life. That was very helpful in and of itself. Through her gentle prodding and questioning, Abbi helped me identify strategies that might work for me to address the areas where I definitely wanted to change. Once I felt that I was making progress on all 3 areas of concern to me, we scheduled a follow-up at a later date. I am happy to report that while I have not yet achieved 100% of what I set out to do, I have made very satisfactory progress. Moreover, I am continuing to work on my bad habits, and have less anxiety about them than before because I know I have made strides, and can continue to improve. I can warmly recommend Abbi as someone who can help you find ways to effectively address the issues in your life that cause you discontent, as she has helped me.”

    Myra J.
  • “Abbi was most helpful in my quest to focus on my personal goals. She is an astute listener and provides an insightful perspective. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find clarity in their goals”

    Naomi B.

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