Members Of The Quarter: The Minnick Family

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Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to honor the Minnick family as our Members of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2010. Our management team selected the Minnicks because they embody the spirit of a family staying fit together. Susan joined the club in December 2003 along with her daughter Morgan. John followed in December of 2007. Despite jobs, school and travel all three family members have made a commitment to come to the gym regularly and to improve their health by attending classes and working with personal trainers.

Susan and John have always been active, starting their courtship playing tennis together. They continue to share a love of physical activity by coming to the gym together although they each do their own thing when at the gym. Susan enjoys group fitness and appreciates the variety of classes offered by the club. John enjoys strength training and works with RCSC trainer Jeshua to stay strong and improve his flexibility. John and Susan believe coming to the gym on a regular basis has helped to keep their relationship strong, and as Susan wisely points out, “It’s one place to not argue!”

Morgan, now a college student, has been coming to the gym since she was 14. Born with cerebral palsy, working out regularly has been particularly beneficial for Morgan. Morgan works with RCSC trainers Jeshua and Marian to help with balance and coordination. CP causes a disconnect between the brain and muscles and Morgan has found that regular strength training has helped to remake those connections. While physical therapy has helped to address specific issues, Morgan has found coming to the gym to be more holistic.

The Minnick family has enjoyed being members of the Rock Creek Sports Club because it is a place they can come together yet have their individual needs addressed. And we are happy to count such a positive and enjoyable family as part of our membership.

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