ASA! African Dance

The international low-impact, high-intensity workout evolution, an engaging fusion of modern club movements with cultural African energy into an enchantingly upbeat event. ASA! is a modifiable dance fitness program combining the latest African dance styles with stabilizing endurance exercise, core work, and metabolic conditioning modalities.

Bendable Body

Balance, align, tone, activate your core and increase your range of motion with Bendable Body; a low impact format that blends many aspects of fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels. Barefoot optional.


A Les Mills program, this is the original barbell, weight training class, now running in more than 11,000 clubs worldwide. Learn postural & core training that shapes, tones & defines muscle.  Burn up to 600 calories a class. Beginners welcome but should approach instructor before class.

Bootcamp Conditioning

A high-energy & intense class of cardio bursts, agility drills & strength training designed to keep the heart rate up & challenge the whole body. 

Boxing Clinic

Learn boxing techniques with Golden Glove winner Russell Davis.  Coach Russell keeps everyone moving while working one-on-one with each participant.  Not suitable for beginner fitness levels. 

Cardio Sculpt

A complete workout designed to increase your cardio-respiratory capacity with a combination of strength and endurance training. Recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Cardio Kickboxing

A high-intensity kickboxing workout to raise the heart rate & work the legs & upper body. Recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Chisel and Core 

Sculpt the major muscle groups in this strength training class using a variety of equipment (such as dumbbells, bands, balls and step). Appropriate for all fitness levels. 


Danceworkz is an aerobic and strengthening workout that will increase flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness and confidence.  This class will start with 30 minutes of fun and exciting choreographed dance steps, 15 minutes of light weights focusing on upper body and ending with 15 minutes of mat work plus stretching.  


Burn a ton of calories with 30 minutes of fun and exciting choreographed dance steps followed by 30 minutes of high intensity kickboxing.

Fit for Life

These classes minimize impact, promote muscle strength & bone density, & improve flexibility & balance. Intended for the beginner to intermediate fitness level.

Freedom Barre

A ballet-inspired strength, flexibility and balance workout. The class is characterized by a ballet aesthetic, but it is not a dance class, and no ballet experience is assumed or required. Challenging but accessible at all fitness levels; low-impact and done barefoot.

Happy Hour Workouts

Come in and sweat with us for a healthier take on Friday Happy Hour! See signs posted around the gym for the latest Happy Hour schedule. Updated monthly.


Strengthen & stretch the abdomen & torso by solely using the body on the mat in the technique of Joseph Pilates.  Exercises involve proper breathing & control of various muscles. All levels welcome.

Senior Strength

A class designed for those who consider their “biological” age to be over 60 & who have limitations on movement (such as getting up off the floor). Class will help improve strength & flexibility.


An indoor spinning class that will increase your heart rate and burn calories through intervals and/or endurance training. Great for all fitness levels. First time attendees please arrive 10 minutes early for set up and bike fitting.

Stretch & Release

A 25 minute class that includes tai chi style movements, yoga, and stretches for your hips, back, and legs. This class is designed to help you gain flexibility and mobility in your spine, work on balance, focus on breathing, and calm your body. Suitable for all levels. 

Stretch for Life

Designed to complement the Fit for Life program. Focuses on increasing flexibility through stretching after a 20-minute cardio warm up. Intended for the beginner to beginner/intermediate fitness level client.


Develop strength and flexibility with different yoga postures, and bring peace to the mind and body with incorporated breathing exercises. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Classes vary. See front desk staff for individual class descriptions.


Cardio workout using world music and various dance styles such as meringue, salsa, belly dancing & more. All levels welcome, but beginners should approach instructor before class.