Member Of The Quarter: Debbie Mans

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Rock Creek Sports Club is pleased to honor Debbie Mans as our member of the quarter for the first quarter of 2011. Our management team selected Debbie because of her infectious good spirit and positive attitude as she incorporates RCSC into the fabric of her life.

Debbie became a member of the club before it opened, when our existence was marked by a trailer where the Daily Dish now resides. Over the years she has convinced first her sister, then husband, daughter, neighbors and even her doctor (who hopes to have a resting heart rate as low as Debbie’s someday!) to abandon their gyms and join RCSC. Debbie’s daughter, Paula, became so excited about working out that she became Zumba certified and is now a popular instructor here.

When the club first opened Debbie worked with a personal trainer to establish a workout routine and periodically revisits personal training to update her routine. While Debbie enjoys many of the classes we offer her favorite activity is taking a cycle class. Debbie is a self-proclaimed endorphin junky, having played basketball throughout high school and college and running marathons throughout her 20’s. The years of running took a toll on her knees so she now gets her rush from a good spin class, from which she has many to choose.

Debbie has a long list of reasons RCSC is so important to her. She appreciates the supportive nature of not only the instructors and staff but also fellow members. She notes this is a place where it is noticed if one does not show up for a few days and where people care about the personal aspects of each other’s lives. The membership and staff are diverse and it seems everyone and anyone can fit in. The facility is exceptionally clean and even the locker room can have a party atmosphere as members catch up with one another.

Debbie has stated “I don’t know what I would do without this place – I’m serious!” Rock Creek Sports Club is happy to be Debbie’s escape from life’s everyday stresses and to provide her with a place that keeps her healthy and fit both physically and mentally. And we appreciate her many years of support!

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