The Pilates Reformer, invented by Joseph Pilates, incorporates the Pilates exercise technique to produce a challenging but balanced workout. Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups.

What’s it Like?

Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements in tune with the breath, working muscles through a full range of motion. The reformer adds increased resistance to the movement and results in increased muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and improved posture. Due to the complexity of the machine and the exercises, clients must be with a Pilates Instructor to use the Reformer.



Both half-hour and hour sessions are available for purchase. Packages expire within 4 months of purchase, and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Duets are available as well. Each client would purchase 30-minute sessions, to be combined for an hour with the instructor.

1 Hour 1/2 Hour
1 Session $109 $65
8 Sessions $824 $496
12 Sessions $1176 $696
20 Sessions $1880 $1120