Health and Wellness Coaching

Abbi-meditatingHealth and wellness coaching is an active, supportive, and trusting relationship between you and the coach that empowers you to define, reach, and sustain your goals. It elicits your motivation for positive behavior change through action, learning, and growth while navigating life’s challenges.

Anyone can benefit from coaching, especially those who are facing life transitions or want to make sustaining lifestyle changes such as improving eating habits and incorporating more movement in life. It helps to have someone who listens intently, and who understands fully your needs and desires for change with acceptance and without judgment. A coach is your ally, acts as your cheerleader, and supports you through these changes. For coaching to be successful, be prepared to challenge yourself and to be honest with yourself. As a result, you will find coaching very rewarding and fulfilling.

What Our Members Say!

  • For anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellness in any way, I highly recommend coach Abbi Lichtenstein. We did seven sessions together. By asking incisive questions and picking up on where my strengths and challenges lay, Abbi really empowered me to develop a strategy, follow through on the finer points, and stay positive throughout.  

    Erica B.
  • Abbi is a delight to work with. She immediately put me at ease with her comforting demeanor. Our sessions were very helpful in getting me through some stressful periods. Without my really being aware, she equipped me with the necessary tools to address my anxiety and calm my nerves.  

  • Coaching with Abbi is highly recommended. I had recently encountered a number of life's speed bumps. Unable to focus to resolve some of these issues, I tried coaching with Abbi.  I was able to get "unstuck," and was guided through self examination and analysis to look at the root of the problems. Gradually, I was empowered to resolve these issues through taking small steps with regard to behavior changes and setting modest goals. There is no magic to the process. It takes work on the part of the client but I believe that critical to the process is focused guidance to resolve these issues with self prescribed solutions.  

    Joyce P.
  • Abbi personalizes her wellness coaching to whatever your needs or issues are, no cookie cutter solutions, astute, kind, and presents creative solutions.

    Carol-Lena A.
  • If you are at a point in your life where you’re ready for some change but don’t know where to start, or if you feel stuck basically knowing what to do but can’t seem to get yourself to actually do it, I highly recommend you consider coaching with Abbi. Abbi has a great ability to help you help yourself. Her skill in listening and reflecting is remarkable and will empower you to arrive at a clarity you didn’t feel before. Abbi will make you discover and tap into motivational forces you didn’t know had. It’s like therapy, but better: you’ll be accountable and will end up feeling proud of yourself.

    C. Bannier
  • "During 2018, I felt that my attempts at self-improvement had stalled in several areas where I was very aware I could - and should - do better. These included altering my sleep habits so they fitted better with the norm, finally losing those extra pounds that stubbornly and very visibly have clung to my middle for too long, and dealing with some clutter in my home. The motivation to do so was almost entirely from within. I was aware that these areas of dissatisfaction with myself had not arisen overnight, and would not be resolved overnight, but I was getting impatient with myself! When RCSC featured the services of Life Coach Abbi Lichtenstein in the studio, it caught my attention. I decided it would be good to have some professional help in changing my habits in the direction I wanted them to move, and signed up for a complimentary first consultation, and then for a series of meetings till I felt that I was working on my issues in an effective way. I found Abbi very easy to speak to. She helped me see more clearly than I had before that I actually had a great degree of satisfaction with most important aspects of my life. That was very helpful in and of itself. Through her gentle prodding and questioning, Abbi helped me identify strategies that might work for me to address the areas where I definitely wanted to change. Once I felt that I was making progress on all 3 areas of concern to me, we scheduled a follow-up at a later date. I am happy to report that while I have not yet achieved 100% of what I set out to do, I have made very satisfactory progress. Moreover, I am continuing to work on my bad habits, and have less anxiety about them than before because I know I have made strides, and can continue to improve. I can warmly recommend Abbi as someone who can help you find ways to effectively address the issues in your life that cause you discontent, as she has helped me.”

    Myra J.
  • “Abbi was most helpful in my quest to focus on my personal goals. She is an astute listener and provides an insightful perspective. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find clarity in their goals”

    Naomi B.