Simple Exercises to Boost Your Balance

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cardio and toneWhile many of us probably don’t start thinking about possible problems with our balance until much later on in life,  experts say its a good idea to start working toward improving it as early as your 30s and 40s.

“People don’t usually think about balance until they fall, but little signs such as relying on handrails to go up and down stairs can be early warnings that stability is starting to go,” Jason Jackson, a physical therapist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, explained to the Wall Street Journal.

The article went on to say that experts suggest doing exercises in a couple of 5- to 10-minute bouts each day.  Here’s a few of the examples they included:

  • For people in cities with public transportation, avoid clutching tightly on to the poles in subway cars. A lighter grip will challenge your body to maintain stability on its own.
  • At home, create an unstable surface by using either a Bosu ball or a couple of thick pillows. Stand on top of the ball or pillows and balance on one leg while swinging the other leg back and forth. Then switch legs and repeat. (If standing on a Bosu ball or pillows feels too challenging, try sitting on the ball with your legs straight in front of you and shift your weight from side to side.)

  • For office workers, simply getting up from a chair 10 times in a row can be useful, says Mr. Jackson. Alternate between getting up with your feet in wide stance, which provides more support, and getting up with a narrow stance with your feet touching.

For more tips, check out the full article: Boost Your Balance; Avoid Falls | Wall Street Journal


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