RCSC’s New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Jamie Potter. Posted in Blog

It’s a new year, a new you! As Brad Paisley says “tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book,write a good one.” Here are some of the resolutions from members and employees of RCSC!


“Relax more- sitting still more. And of course, climb the rope at the gym.”
– Alyss B, member


“To be more focused on work, health and responsibility.”
– Charles F, front desk


“To be more present.”
– Micheline K, member


“Make it through 2018—“LOL”
– Jeff W, member


“My goal is to squat my body weight.”
—Christy S, member


“Spend less money on material things.”
–Sharina P, member


“Get more sleep.”
– Jimmie P, member


“Keep exercising.”
– Rebecca, member


“Be better than yesterday: Financially, mentally, physically.”
– Raymond, member


“To not make a resolution, to take action instead.”
– Avi W, trainer.


Good luck to everyone and their resolutions! The RCSC community is here to help you stick to them. Happy New Year! Make 2018 count!


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