RCSC Member Shares Her 85-Pound Loss Success Story in Bethesda Magazine

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Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.58.31 PMWe are so lucky to have so many amazing members here at Rock Creek Sports Club! Not a day goes by where we are not inspired by all of the hard work and dedication we see from all of you here in the gym. 

One those members is Jackie Judd, who recently shared her success story Bethesda Magazine.  As she neared her 60th birthday, Jackie decided she needed to make some changes, and with the help of Rock Creek Sports Club and Personal Trainer and Health Coach Jean Simons, she lost 85 pounds and found a new healthy lifestyle.

“Weekly nutrition sessions with Jean were candid assessments of what had gone right and wrong. She listened without judging, while reminding me that a setback did not have to be permanent. I will also confess that fear became a great motivator. The idea of reaching my 61st birthday still overweight scared me. Success motivated me, too. Feeling less winded during workouts and seeing changes in my body undoubtedly kept me going.”

Read Jackie’s Full Story Here

We also talked to Jackie’s trainer, Jean, to ask her what factors she attributes to Jackie’s success, and lessons we can take away from her story.

RCSC: What is it like to work with Jackie?
Jean: It has been wonderful working with Jackie. When I first met her, she made it clear that she was ready to make difficult but meaningful changes to improve her health. She just needed some guidance and support. She also understood that I was not going to wag my finger at her like a drill sergeant on the “Biggest Loser”. She knew it was up to her to set her own goals based on her personal challenges and her specific health needs.

RCSC: What do you think some of the main reasons she was able to succeed in reaching her goals?

  • She did not want to follow a fad diet or extreme fitness program. She knew that she would not see results right away, but she wanted a program that she could sustain for life. 
  • She was ready to learn about herself – her food triggers, habits, reasons she had not moved her body much — and make significant changes in what she ate, how much she moved, her sleep habits, and her stressors.
  • She was ready to accept help in getting to her goals.
  • She used her husband and friends as support
  • She made a big commitment, financially and emotionally – she met with me twice/week to plan food and to do personal training.
  • She learned to cook and eat real food
  • She stuck to exercising 5 times/week or so

RCSC: Are there any important lessons we/women/older adults can learn from Jackie?

  • Focus more on how you feel than how you look. When you embark on a new eating and fitness plan, think about how much more energy you will have and how strong you will become rather than what the scale says. I encourage my clients to appreciate what their bodies can DO and not dwell on extra fat or sagging skin.
  • Women really can get stronger at any age, even if they have never exercised before or are suffering from old injuries or arthritis and other joint pain.
  • Midlife challenges are real: hot-flashes, weight gain, hormonal changes, joint issues; stress, sleep problems, and more. But it is also a great time to focus on yourself.
  • It is extremely helpful to have a positive support system of family, friends, and experts.
  • View this as changing for life, not a quick fix 

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