NYT: How Exercise Keeps Us Young

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spin-500-The reasons why we get older, and why are bodies change the way they do, for the most part, is still kind of a mystery. However, a new study shows how exercise can significantly slow down a number of the common symptoms of aging.

According to a recent article in The New York Times, scientists have had some problems distinguishing what kinds of affects getting older has on our bodies, from those of a sedentary lifestyle, because many older adults are more sedentary than younger adults.

Researchers from King’s College London and the University of Birmingham in England, decided to solve this problem by gathering a group of adults aged 55-79, who were considered “serious recreational bikers” – thereby removing inactivity as a factor.

They then tested the following:

  • Endurance Capacity
  • Muscular Mass and Strength
  • Balance
  • Memory Function
  • Bone Density
  • Reflexes

In addition, they also conducted a Up and Go test, which measures how long it it takes to get up from a chair, without using his or her arms, briskly walks about 10 feet, turns, walks back and sits down again.

The results are pretty amazing!

Compared to supposedly normal benchmarks of aging, these bikers had results much closer to that of younger people, than people of their own age. In fact, “even the oldest cyclists had younger people’s levels of balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory ability.” Oh – and that chair test – the oldest participants averaged 2 seconds faster than what’s considered normal for their age, and 4 seconds faster than those considered frail.

Of course, some results did show that age alone did have some results on reduced endurance and strength.

All in all though, we have to say these results really show how being active can have some seriously positive benefits as you get older! More reason to keep moving and to keep coming into Rock Creek Sports Club!

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  • Rose-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

    Dear Rock Creek Sports Ctr;

    I am a new member and last week had my orientation with Dteve which went well. My question is this: if I work out for say Ten min on 4 machines on the days I do a workout, class or instead of a class will that be a good way to go til say the spring? Or should I change my routine every two weeks because the body always needs to be challenged a bit. I also have my letter of permission from my internist giving me not just permission but encouragement to work out out and get fit. I weigh about 207 now and must lose at least 80 pounds to reach a healthy weight. In addition I am fighting Lower Leg Lymphedema and scoliosis of the lower back. I’m just now starting to really focus on my body and health and this time really want to be successful. My daughter is getting married next Memorial Day weekend of 2018.

  • Reply

    Dear Hadji/Rock Creek Sports Center:

    I hope to make it in today but still haven’t quite caught up with chores at home etc. I for the first time have started seriously reading your Blog and am really impressed and expect to continue to be impressed and inspired by it. I have to lose at least 90 pounds. I weigh 201 pounds with bare feet and just underwire on. I want to lose consistently, especially since just being diagnosed on Thurs eve at Patient Care as having arthritis as the source of pain in my left knee going down to the middle of my calf. I now see at the age of 64, that I must work out at least 3 times a week or more. I am trying to get over the mental blocks and the procrastination demons that stop me from exercising. I am very interested in hearing more about and signing up for your free clinics. When is the next one? I also think I would like to have a session with Angela (is that correct?) the personal fitness trainer. I would like to come in today but fear it may be too late. Look for me tomorrow as I am really out of shape and must strengthen myself. I need more discipline as well. You’ll be seeing me soon! Everyone in the beginning especially, needs a support and How to do it correctly and safely system. All the healthy best, Shoshana 240-595-7109, age 64

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