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Man Doing BurpeesMetabolic Training Coming in September to Rock Creek Sports Club!

First, let’s talk about what Metabolic Conditioning means. (New class descriptions below.)

During the day, when you’re going about your daily routine, your body is burning calories as it performs its normal functions, this is called your “Basal Metabolic Rate.” Of course, when you’re working out, your body increases your metabolic rate in order to keep up with the increased activity, because calories equal energy.

Now, if you want to increase your metabolic rate both during and after your workout, you should check out Metabolic Training!

So what exactly is Metabolic Training?

To put it plainly, Metabolic Training is performing a combination of compound movements as a circuit, with little rest in between, in order to make your body into a fat-burning machine. The best part, it never gets boring because the circuit consists of many different types of exercises, including body-weight movements, plyometrics, and resistance training.

The main point of this type of workout is to maximize the use of fat as a fuel source, both during and after your workout. It’s fast paced, full-body, packed with intervals, and short on rest.

How Does It Work?

The body has various biological pathways to supply energy for exercise, based on the length and intensity of the exercise.

  • The ATP-CP Pathway: Provides energy to the body during short, intense periods of exercise – such as a fast sprint lasting 10 seconds or less.
  • The Glycolytic Pathway: provides energy to the body during intense periods of exercise, but provides it for longer durations than the ATP-CP pathway – such as several short sprints done with little rest in-between.
  • The Oxydative Pathway: Provides energy to the body during periods of steady, longer duration exercise. Running several miles would be an example of something that would utilize the oxydative pathway, and this is an example of the type of exercise that has traditionally been used for fat loss.

In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, metabolic interval-type training had a ten-fold greater fat loss when compared to either aerobic exercise or weight training individually.

It’s believed this result comes about from an phenomenon call EPOC – or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Simply put, when the body is forced to sprint and move at a higher intensity, the body takes more time and energy to get the body back to normal – even after exercise is completed. This greater energy demand means greater fat loss.

Metabolic Conditioning at Rock Creek Sports Club

Small-group Metabolic Training Class: Class size is limited to 6, and taught by Craig Klein. It will take place Mondays, 6 to 6:45 AM, starting September 10 and run through October 8 (with October 15 being a make-up date.) Cost is $110 for the 5 classes. Drop-in fee $25 when space is available.

Metabolic Effect Cycle: The spin-bike workouts merge the science of hormonal metabolism with movement drawing from the new fitness genre called metabolic conditioning, with high intensity intervals. More information regarding times and price coming soon!

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