How NOT to get Sick

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Cough, sniff sniff, cough. It’s that time of year again — flu and cold season are upon us.

And even though a 2010 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found those who were healthy and exercised the most were less likely to get a cold, we should still be conscious of protecting ourselves and other members! Here’s a few easy ways to avoid getting sick and being a courteous gym member!

  1. Cover it Up
    No, we don’t mean pretend you’re not sick. We mean that if you sneeze or cough, and don’t have time to grab a tissue — bend your arm and sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow, instead of your hand.
  2. Take a Shower, or at least Wash your Hands, after your workout.
    Good hygiene is especially important when you’re dealing with sweat. The simple act of washing with soap and warm water can go a long way to keeping germs at bay. Even if it means just washing your hands after your workout, before you touch your face or reaching for your after workout snack.
  3. Wipe Down your Equipment — Before and After Use
    Whether you’re sick or not, let’s face it, no one likes to come into contact with someone else’s sweaty treadmill, or yoga mat. Be nice, and wipe (using the wipes and spray conveniently located all over the club!) it down after you’re done. And to be extra safe, you may as well give it a wipe before you use it too!
  4. Take a Break
    Believe us, we love your enthusiasm about not wanting to skip a day at Rock Creek Sports Club! However, if you’re feeling under the weather, take a break and let your body rest. Plus, your fellow members will thank you!

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