Exercise May Reduce Risks for Breast Cancer

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Ladies, when you make an effort to come into to Rock Creek Sports Club, whether it’s to workout on your own, Spin, or take a yoga class, you’re also making your health a priority and reducing your risk for breast cancer.

A new study published CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, found that women can reduce their breast cancer risk by exercising and maintaining their weight.

To see if there were any links between recreational physical activity, done at different points in life, and the risks of developing breast cancer, researchers from the University of North Carolina spoke with 1,504 women with breast cancer (233 noninvasive and 1,271 invasive) and 1,555 women without breast cancer, all of whom were 20 to 98 years old.

They found:

  • Women who exercised either during their reproductive or postmenopausal years had a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Women who exercised 10 to 19 hours per week experienced the greatest benefit with an approximate 30% reduced risk.
  • Risk reductions were observed at all levels of intensity.

In addition:

  • Active women who gained a significant amount of weight – particularly after menopause had an increased risk of developing breast cancer, which means that gaining weight could INCREASE your risks.

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