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Read what our members have to say about their experience at Rock Creek Sports Club.



  • "Wonderful, neighborhood gym! Special shout out to Charles at the front desk--always greeting with a smile. Love taking classes with Sean--great cardio kickboxing. Nothing fancy, but price is right. Parking easy. They've done a lot of improvements in the last year. I definitely recommend if you live or work close by."- Sue M., April 2014

  • "I just want to give accolades to Maria A, in childcare. I feel so incredibly comforted when I see that she is there when I drop off my child. She greets me at the door with a warm smile, and opens her arms to my child. She is always smiling and lighthearted. When I pick my son up she gives me a quick report of what he did while there, and that means a great deal. She was a stellar find for RCSC--I just adore her."- Whitney S., April 2014

  • "Your staff is so nice.  Nothing better at 5 am than a friendly "hello david"   I am not awake at 5 am and I hardly even know my name at that time." - David B., November 2015

  • "Great local gym!  The equipment is all pretty new and they have anything you could need.  Plenty of cardio stuff upstairs and a lot of weight machines.  Downstairs is great, they have 2 power racks, a squat rack, deadlift platform, and a ton of other free weight stuff.  Never have to wait to use stuff, and the people there practice good gym etiquette.  Haven't taken any classes, so not sure about them.  Always plenty of towels, and tvs on all the treadmills.  Locker rooms are always clean and have a lot of amenities like shampoo, soap, conditioner, razors, q tips, just little things that make it more enjoyable.  There is also a sauna.  Staff is friendly and doesn't try to push personal training on you or sell you stuff.  To top it all off, I pay less than I would at the chains around the area like golds, etc. even though it seems like a much nicer gym." - E J, April 2015

  • “I enjoy Rock Creek Sports Club. It’s my neighborhood gym and there really is a sense of community here. I like that Rock Creek offers a variety of classes and schedules–from Zumba to spinning and personal group training. Plus, the staff and instructors are friendly and knowledgeable.”- Hilary Jones, September 2011

  • " I just rejoined RCSC after a hiatus of a couple of years and I can't say enough good about it.  It's a low-key neighborhood gym, good classes/schedule, responsive mgmt, immaculate, awesome amenities in the women's locker room, and just a very friendly vibe. Craig, one of the trainers who also teaches a bootcamp on Thursday mornings, is terrific - inspiring, cheerful, but he makes you work hard. I love it that he is up on his training, and is very careful to show us how to do moves so we don't hurt ourselves. I also give big thumbs up to Julie - another bootcamp instructor, and Marge, one of the spin teachers."- Gail V., March 2014

  • "I've been a member since March 2016. It's been a great experience. My personal trainer is Akosua & she is patient, professional and effective. My fitness has significantly improved. I will continue with her.
    I am also a big fan of spin class instructors, Steve and Marge. Steve's can do attitude and approach is contagious! He has a GREAT disposition! Marge gives a nice "wake-up" to a very challenging time of day - 6:00AM on Wednesdays. Her music is varied and fun & her routines are just right for that time of the day for some of us "mature" members. BTW - a thank you for the new bikes - SMOOTH RIDE!!
    The desk staff - Ed, Charles (and the Thursday afternoon guy - can't remember name), are so welcoming and friendly!  Even the maintenance staff is cool - Candi is very kind and personable.  Your admin. staff, especially Hadji - is GREAT!!!  You run a very nice place and I look forward to continuing with you."  - Charlene A., September 2017

  • "Since June, I have been taking weekly one-on-one Pilates sessions with Madie Ferere and cannot imagine my life without them.  Madie's Pilates knowledge is amazing and she pushes me hard - but in a good way.  I am always stronger, taller, and even a little bit smarter when I leave!  Her diverse background is not only interesting but informative to her exercise approach.  She is warm, gracious, exacting, and always helpful.  Madie is an integral part of my commitment to improve my fitness.  Just wanted to share how happy I am with this opportunity at RCSC!" - Jane A., December 2017

  • "Management and training staff are friendly, gracious and respectful. Social events and classes (individual/group) are scheduled and well-attended. Staff go out of their way to be helpful and instructive." - Brian S., September 2013

  • "This note is to commend the desk greeter, Charles. His cheerful, friendly, helpful manner is wonderful!  You probably know this already but he is an asset to RCSC." 
    –Julianna J., March 2016

  • “I love RCSC! The staff is friendly and know me by name. This gym seems to attract friendly people that respect “gym etiquette”. The best part about RCSC is it’s cleanliness.” - Joe Kapuscinski, February 2012

  • “Rock Creek Sports Club has a great mix of diverse and challenging classes, committed personal trainers who are up on the latest techniques, a clean and well-maintained facility, and club management that listens to its members. I’ve been a member of many gyms over the years. I think RCSC is the best facility at the best value in the area. Where else would I be able to cycle with Tiny, cardio dance with Robert and train with Jean?” - Jean Boland, October 2011

  • “Not only has the Club changed my waistline but it has also changed my life.  Most notably, I can cross my legs again! I never in a million years thought that I would have the confidence to put on a pair of spandex pants, climb up on a bike, and sweat along side of 20 other people. I love that the Club is walking distance from my home but in the event that I do drive, there is ample parking. I love the staff, the instructors, and the class offerings. I love that I’ve made lifelong friends there and made lifestyle changes that have improved my life beyond measure. I love the Club’s diversity and I love the facilities. Simply put, I love RCSC.”- Kathy S., October 2011

  • " I Love this gym! The size is perfect. I always find the piece of equipment available when I want it and the equipment is always clean! The classes are fantastic, from yoga to zumba and spinning the energy levels are perfect. I am not an exercise fanatic and unlike other gyms I feel completely comfortable at Rock Creek Sports Club." - Michelle P, September 2013

  • "I love this gym. It is clean, never crowded, the people who work there are always pleasant, and the classes are excellent. I love the fact that there are signs in the locker room discouraging you from using strong scents as some members are allergic. This is very considerate and, really, who wants to smell someone's strawberry perfume or whatever? Best of all is the sauna." - Sharon O., February 2015

  • "I love this gym. It's not too big and I've never experienced it being over crowded. They do an excellent job keeping it clean too! I never took a class here but I did use my free training sessions when I signed up which were fun and informative.  The interior of the gym is beautifully designed and lit too! I would highly recommend this gym to anyone in south Silver Spring! And parking is a cinch!!" - Julia C., November 2014

  • “Rock Creek Sports Club is fantastic. The staff are always friendly and helpful. The machines and weights are plentiful, clean and well kept. Most of the classes are free, and the instructors are great. Even with all these great amenities, the gym manages to keep monthly fees very reasonable. I would highly recommend the Rock Creek Sports Club.”  -Trevor Keck, September 2011

  • “Greatest Gym in the City! Fun staff, great management, nice people.” - Carol Paige, February 2012

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