Personal Training Testimonials


akosua"Akosua was my personal trainer. She was knowledgeable, responsive to my request and a pleasure to deal with. I had very good hard workouts using equipment new to me. Akosua demonstrated the equipment and then closely supervised my usage. I enjoyed the sessions."

-Abby Simms, March 2015


“My journey at the gym began at age 60.  I had run when I was younger (I even remember that) and always walked a lot but never worked out.  I guess I was a bit intimidated by the process, the equipment, and the physique of those people I saw going into gyms.  A conversation with my doctor ended with 'blood pressure rising and you really need to lose some weight'.  I countered, 'I am 60 and the weight you are quoting is me 10 years ago'.  He quickly said, 'and your point is?'

... So I went down the hill and looked at RCSC.  Nice folk, not too much glitter, and a few old folks like me.  So on a whim, I signed up thinking, 'I will use some of these machines.'  When they mentioned that I got an evaluation and a session with a trainer as part of my new membership, I hesitated but then thought 'all you have to lose is a bit of pride' - to be honest, I did have to lose some pride.  Zach did my evaluation (with Steve Basdavanos looking on from his executive suite).  Zach and I both laughed a bit at my inability to do things.  At the end I thought he would say, 'nice meeting you', but instead he summarized things that I needed to work on, balance being first, and suggested that I come in for a session with him.

That began a 2-year, twice-a-week partnership. ...17-pounds lighter, good blood pressure and feeling much better, I am sold on a personal trainer - Zach is great.  I get a workout tailored for me, variety, challenge, and sometimes a bit of respect.  I feel confident  to use free weights, machines, and other stations but really look forward to the twice a week 'hard workouts with Zach'.  I need the discipline and variety as well as the encouragement to push myself. I say even if you are 60, you can learn new stuff and get a grip on your health at RCSC with a personal trainer …just don’t try to get my 5pm slots on Monday and Thursday with Zach.”

–Vernon Drew, October 2010

Devin Knox

“I want to commend Devin Knox for being such an effective personal trainer. He is sensitive to my limitations while, at the same time, pushing me to do more and to try more. He makes sure that our weekly session are varied; his knowledge of why certain exercises may be especially good–or not–is amazing. He always comes with a good attitude, with humor and a genuine interest in what he is doing. I am very grateful to have him as a trainer and I hope he remains at the gym for a long time.

I want to also say I appreciate the attention given to keeping the gym clean, the machines repaired, and the members informed if there are problems.  Rock Creek is, without a doubt, the best gym I have ever used."

-Richard Krajeck, September 2011


I worked with Jean and she was the best thing that ever happened to fitness. She is knowledgeable on the newest equipment available to trainers and gym goers. She suggested and lent me books that helped me understand and address my poor eating habits. Jean created a fitness routine that I felt comfortable with yet one that was challenging. I have had trainers in the past but never one that addressed all the different aspects of being healthy – eating better, getting stronger, surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and trying new equipment and exercises to achieve better results.

–Ayana Rockett, 28 years old, August 2010


“Hi Angela! Just want you to know that your class is doing wonders to shape me up. I went for my dress fitting on Friday and for the second time they need to take it in all through the sides and hips. I kept saying, “but the scale hasn’t changed (i.e. my weight)” — but the proof that I lost inches was in the dress! So THANK YOU! You do excellent work.”

–Diane Hannemann, October 2011


“Although I worked with weights in the classes I took at the gym, I was never sure that my form was correct and that I was lifting the right amount of weight to make a difference. In Marian’s Weight Training class, not only did I learn form and technique but I gained the confidence to work with weights on my own. Marian’s classes were small so there was a lot of individual attention. I finished the class stronger and more toned than I have ever been.”

–Rochelle H., January 2012