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Physical Activity Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

Written by Paul. Posted in Blog, Wellness Bites

Here’s more evidence why it’s important to get up and move. Whether your gardening, walking, or running, you’re doing your part to help prevent Alzheimer’s, says a new study.
A new study published last week in the journal Neurology, found that higher level of physical activity — not just exercising — is linked to a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease even in people over 80.
Researchers asked 716 dementia-free men and women in their 70s and 80s to wear a device that recorded a person’s total daily activity (including mild activity such as cooking or walking.) This was done up to a period of 10 days.

Member Of The Quarter: Bobbi Dittrich

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Rock Creek Sports Club is proud to announce its newest Member of the Quarter, Bobbi Dittrich, a fitness enthusiast who dedicates herself to helping others.

Bobbi is no stranger to being active. She grew up playing baseball, softball, basketball, and tennis. Then later she joined the military where she said, “physical fitness was a natural evolution into everyday living.”

Fitocracy Helps Make Fitness Fun

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At Rock Creek Sports Club, one of our goals is to make sure to offer our members all the tools they need to get fit, and have fun doing it. Fitocracy is a great combination of both.

Fitocracy is a Website (with a newly released iPhone App) where you can track your workouts. Though there are many different sites and apps that promote this feature, Fitocracy seems to have a much more comprehensive list when comes to the list of the exercises it lets you track. We’re talking everything from running and yoga, to squats and Zumba.